From Israel to Egypt

We began this journey with two buses in Jordan. We grew to four in Israel but are now back to two as we head from Israel to Egypt.

This travel day was long but the views were great, the coaches were comfortable and the company was enjoyable. I can’t say enough about this great group of travellers.

We were tired but excited to reach St Catherine Monastery for a late supper. While a few of us opted to enjoy a good night’s sleep, the majority chose to climb onto a camel at one o’clock in the morning to ride up a mountain (in the dark… and in the cold) and THEN to climb 750 steps to the summit. (I use the word “steps” loosely as these are stacked stones, uneven in height and width.)

“Why,” you may ask, “would anyone choose to do this?”

To watch the sunrise.

To watch the sunrise on Mt Sinai.

The place where Moses met with God to receive the Ten Commandments.

It’s difficult to find words and even the photos can’t possibly capture the magnificent beauty of this breaking of dawn. This is an incredible experience that’s well-worth enduring a sore backside and huddling under blankets, shivering in the cold.

The hike down offers some amazing views previously hidden by darkness (pics below). And the temperature climbs pleasantly.

Some of us managed to catch a bit more sleep before climbing onto the buses to head toward Cairo. Thankfully, the coach seats recline.

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  1. Since returning home I’ve come across the song by Steve Bell called “Old Sage”.
    It brought alive for me the experience of riding that camel in the night under the full moon and the brilliant stars. A line in his song says: “cause when you’re following a star You have to walk at night”.

    So when I think of the Magi following a star, travelling – perhaps through Petra and across the deserts and rugged hills that we’ve just seen – to find Jesus, Emmanuel, in Bethlehem… and the experience of riding that camel in the dark, hugging those cliff edges…. There is so much to think on in the imagery of searching for Emmanuel – God with us – in the dark. Yet, there was a star to follow – a glimmer of light.

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