Give Like Galilee


Lake Kinneret to be precise.

It is after all, a lake, and not a sea. And it is the lowest freshwater lake on earth. At a mere 21kms long and 13kms wide, the ‘Sea’ of Galilee is considerably underwhelming by Canadian standards.

And yet.

And yet as we sail for sunset…
…there is an unmistakable beauty for those who have eyes to see,
…and there is a transcendence for those who have ears to hear.
…there is belonging for those alone,
…and there is dancing
…and there is music
…and there is unbridled joy for those whose hearts overflow.
…there is comfort for those in the grip of grief,
…and there is contentment for those awash in gratitude.

Indeed, the ‘Sea’ is considerably underwhelming… and yet… for each story waiting to be told there’s a miracle waiting to unfold.


I think if I choose to see a sea,
It would most assuredly be
The beautiful Sea of Galilee.

For there God’s message flows true enough,
A gently blessing and stern rebuff
For the Southern lake of salty stuff.

It was from the Sea of Galilee
That Jesus chose disciples to be,
Where he calmed a tumultuous sea

Jesus fed multitudes from that sea
And there, his preaching set all men free.
It’s a giving place, that blessed Sea.

The salt Dead Sea, is the lesson learned
A place of death, which today men spurn
Where Sodom and Gomorrah once burned

For five giving rivers flow therein
Yet, not a one will be found again
Since the Dead sea keeps all that comes in.

O’ Wretched sea, unlike northern kin,
Keeping all blessings which flow within
Yet, never once, given back again.

To live the life Jesus wants of me
I will learn to give, like Galilee
Instead of keeping, like the salted Sea!

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