Our Last Day in Israel


We savoured our last day in Israel knowing we would end the day with a farewell dinner. Two-thirds of our group would head home and one-third would continue on to Egypt.

The time passed too quickly and I am not ready to say good-bye. What a beautiful group of people. We come from different places, different backgrounds, different denominations and yet we we are one – we are the body of Christ.

We began the day visiting Nazareth Village – a re-enactment of village life in Galilee during the time of Jesus.

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Give Like Galilee


Lake Kinneret to be precise.

It is after all, a lake, and not a sea. And it is the lowest freshwater lake on earth. At a mere 21kms long and 13kms wide, the ‘Sea’ of Galilee is considerably underwhelming by Canadian standards.

And yet.

And yet as we sail for sunset…
…there is an unmistakable beauty for those who have eyes to see,
…and there is a transcendence for those who have ears to hear.
…there is belonging for those alone,
…and there is dancing
…and there is music
…and there is unbridled joy for those whose hearts overflow.
…there is comfort for those in the grip of grief,
…and there is contentment for those awash in gratitude.

Indeed, the ‘Sea’ is considerably underwhelming… and yet… for each story waiting to be told there’s a miracle waiting to unfold.

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Upper Galilee

Quiet Reflection

In the stillness and simplicity of Kibbutz Ma’agan, the Awaken Journey continues with an invitation to “come away from the hurriedness.”

For some, it was a moment of quiet Reflection.
Or a walk along the shore of the lake.

For others, the gentle breeze off the Sea of Galilee.
Or the fellowship of breaking bread together.

And still others, it was the fresh wind of the Spirit seeping into the cracks and crevices of a heart flooded with gratitude…or grieving…or letting go.

For all, it was the uncomplicated presence of the God/Man who walks on water.

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Merry Hearts

We have spent the last couple of days on a 2 day retreat on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. It’s been a refreshing change of pace. But I will talk more about that tomorrow. I will share highlights from both retreat days in the next post. You will have to wait with bated breath.

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From Jerusalem to the Sea of Galilee